April 2017 - March 2018, Unity Developer

Fresh off my time a Xevo, I continued to work on the Carnival Ocean Medallion at Level11. I go into more detail about the project on my Xevo page.

Initially at Level11 I worked on the front end for the social communications team where we developed ShipMates, the onboard friends list and chat. Cell service is unreliable out at sea so ShipMates utilized the ships internal network for communication. Additionally connecting allowed for more functionality in other parts of the app, most notably OceanNav. 

Once ShipMates was stable and polished I moved onto the OceanNav team. OceanNav was the guest facing internal navigation for the ship. It acted much like google maps would on shore showing your near by Points of Interests(POIs) as wells as providing optimal 3D routes. You can also route to your ShipMates if you've both chosen to share your location 

My role involved improvements to the 2D browsing and 3D deck interaction as well as writing a custom route mesh generator that would show an animated path to your destination.

The first ship we deployed to was the Regal Princess. At over 1,000ft long and 19 decks high, OceanNav proved to be incredibly valuable.